Video Services

We now offer Filming Services in Full High Definition video filmed at up to 1920×1080 60p.

Recording Format is AVCHD @ 60p28M / 60i24M / 60i17M / 24p24M / 24p17M

Recording Formats in AVCHD cannot be directly placed on an NTSC compliant DVD. Video Files must be converted and compressed. HD Video files are extremely large 16GB for a 30min video at full 60p resolution.

Video Services start at $25.00 for video editing services using Adobe Premier and or Sony Vegas Software.

We also capture sound directly from Sound Boards (if applicable) and Record using either on board camera microphone(s) or External microphones.

Filming Services start at $40.00 per hour and are pro rated at 30 minute intervals. If you need just half an hour you pay for half an hour ($20.00).

Filming service prices are negotiable. Contact me (Juan Carlos) at or call me at 541 704 5899.